2020 Winter League

Please see the complete guidelines below

                         Sporting Clays Winter League Guidelines.

* The league will start on Sunday December 22, 2019 and run consecutive Sundays thereafter (weather permitting) ending on Sunday March 22, 2020.

* Registrations will be accepted at the clubhouse from Dec. 1/19 through Jan. 12/20. Registration is open to members and nonmembers alike.

* A Minimum of 9 scores will be required over the 14-week league to qualify. Every shooter will have the opportunity to post 2 scores on each Sunday that we operate and their best 9 scores will be combined and averaged, that total will be their final league score.

* 1 League score is based on 50 targets. 2 different 50 Target setups will be designated each Sunday as league targets. Any shooter may opt to shoot one or both target sets and record those individual scores for the league scores.

* The Lewis class system will be used to determine class divisions and in conjunction with actual scores, each shooters position within their class designation.

* Money prizes will be awarded to at least the first and second place shooter in each class and the third place shooter will receive either a money prize or a free sporting clays shoot certificate. The defined prize winning positions are the stated minimums and may be expanded if league participation allows.

* The number of classes or divisions and the dollar amount of the money prizes will be dependent upon the total number of shooters enrolled in the league. We will attempt to hold the initial Lewis divisions to 6 or 7 individuals. All league entry fees that are collected, minus the cost of the clothing article (awarded to every league shooter) and minor league specific overhead expenses will be used for money prizes. It is our intent to establish prize money as a minimum for each division as follows:
(1st place $100) (2nd place $50) (3rd place $25 or shoot certificate) (4th place ?)
Please note these prize designations are preliminary and will not be finalized until all entries are in.
* If a league shooter should op to shoot a sub-gauge shotgun for score on any given league scoring opportunity, the shooter will be awarded handicap hits to their score as follows: 20ga add 2 hits to initial total, 28ga add 3 hits, 410ga add 4 hits. Please note your total score may never exceed 50 hits per applicable score.

* We will have league sponsors this year. Our sponsors will donate either items or gift certificates that will be used as door prize drawings. Any league shooter that attends and participates on a given Sunday’s shooting will be eligible to win the door prize.
Assuming we have enough donators, door prize drawings will be scheduled each week after the mornings shoot and adjusted accordingly in the event of course closures. The league sponsors are listed on this web site with contact information and or links to their web sites, as well as several other locations. When completed, a list of league sponsors, and their donations will be published and posted.

* The league entry fee will be $40 and each participant will receive a high quality embroidered PGC hat upon registering in gratitude of their participation as well as opportunities for additional prizes.

* Regular Sunday shooting fees are applicable.
Members: $20 for 1st 50, an additional $10 for 2nd 50 targets if so elected. 
Nonmembers: $25/$35
Juniors: $10 per 50 targets. 

* The Petersham Gun Club web site will have current course operational status listed on the sporting clays page. If the weather is expected to be bad be sure to check the web page before you make the drive out.
The clays web URL is //petershamgunclub.com/sporting-clays/

                                                          Guidelines  Addendums  

1. Amended on 11/30/19
Sponsor donations are adequate to insure that we will have a door prize drawing every Sunday throughout the duration of the league. Any league shooter that attends and participates on a given Sunday’s shooting will be eligible to win the door prize. The door prize on any given Sunday will be selected randomly from sponsor donations. Repeat wins are possible from week to week but a repeat winner cannot receive more than one prize from the same sponsor.
Any and all leftover sponsor donations will be distributed to participating league shooters by means of awards or drawings at the end of the league. 


If you would like to download the registration form click HERE

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