Rifle/Pistol Ranges

The PGC has two outdoor ranges, 50 yards and 100 yards respectively. The ranges are open to members and their guests most of the time except during the hours Sporting Clays are operating (see below), special events are underway or maintenance is ongoing.
Members should bring their own paper targets and clean up targets and brass when finished shooting. Plastic and glass bottles as well as other junk are not appropriate range targets so please don’t use them on our ranges.

Normal range operating hours are as follows:
Monday through Saturday: 9:00am to sunset.
Sunday: 1:00pm to sunset.

Please Note:
Maintenance of our sporting clays range will shut down the 100 yard range for some two to four hour period sometime during any given week day, and sorry but we can not be more specific . The 50 yard range will remain open during this maintenance period.