Recent Happenings

We will be offering our Biggest Buck contest again this year, organized by Brian.  Entry into the contest is $1. Money can be dropped off at the clubhouse or put in an envelope with your name on it along with what it is for, and left in the lock box to the right of the main clubhouse door.  This is a contest for deer harvested in MA only, the weight is gutted weight and does include heart and liver.  All seasons are eligible and the deer must be recorded at the club by 1-10-21.

We are pleased to announce that we will once again be stocking pheasants this year.  If you have children who would like to help with the putting the birds out, we encourage you to join us.  We again thank Brian for spearheading this.  He will put birds out on 10/16, 10/30 and 11/13.  Please meet him at 5pm on those nights at the large cornfield on East St that is directly across from Maple Lane.  If you have any questions you can contact Brian at 413-336-5163.


PGC sends out a special thanks to Steve at AJ’s Taxidermy for continuing to sponsor PGC’s youth deer hunt contest.  Below are 3 mounts that he did for our young hunters, and the best part is, he scrambled and had them done in time for Christmas.


NRA GRANT (May 2020)                                                                                                       The PGC has again this year received a grant awarded by the NRA Foundation for the  acquisition of a new sporting clays trap machine. Thanks in large part to these generous grants from the NRA Foundation over the last six years, our club has been able to make steady improvements in our sporting clays facilities. The improvements we make in our facilities benefit our club greatly and enhance our ability to present great shooting opportunities to the public in general. Thank You NRA Foundation! More information about the NRA Foundation can be found online at

2018 Youth Deer Hunt

PGC was pleased to host these young people for a gathering after the hunt.  It is important for them to share their successes, sightings, and stories with like-minded peers.  Sincere thank the mentors who took the time to bring the kids down to the Club.  Getting these kids together to share their experiences is essential in preserving our hunting heritage.

Seven young men and women came for the dinner, 4 of them saw deer, with a total of 12 deer seen.  Each hunter went home with some great prizes, but more importantly, they went home with a sense of camaraderie and kinship with their fellow hunters.  It is so important as sportsmen and women to teach these kids that our passion for the outdoors is something to be proud of, and encourage them to seek friends who share this same passion.

We are thrilled to announce the winner of this year’s event Jayden Carey!  This was his first deer and it weighed in at an impressive 181lbs!  His successful harvest has earned him a complimentary shoulder mount courtesy of Steve at AJ’s Taxidermy.

Huge thanks to our Sponsors and donors for the event:

AJ’s Taxidermy, Grrr Gear, Dyer Woodworking, Keith Fritze, Matt Labrie, Chip Page and Fred Ryde

Youth Turkey Hunt

PGC would like to thank our friends at Barre Sportsman’s Club for continuing to put on the youth turkey hunting seminar, and allowing so many kids the opportunity to hunt turkeys on our special Youth Turkey Hunt day. Petersham has been making a monetary donation towards this event, but really, next year we would like to step it up and show our friends in Barre that we want to help too. Volunteers at Barre have indicated that they have many kids taking the class, but not enough mentors to take kids afield. You will be hearing more about this next year when I ask for volunteers to team up with our supporting club to help get kids hunting.