About Us

The Petersham Gun Club is about as low keyed and user friendly as you’ll find. We invite and encourage new membership, click HERE to check into membership.
The club grounds are open to members and their guests 7 days a week all day long.
When there are no event operations ongoing the club grounds are usually a quiet place to come practice your marksmanship, have a picnic or just enjoy the outdoors.
The club house is not open at this time due to Covid restrictions.
We are located in Petersham, Massachusetts, on 158 Nelson Road. The best access to the club is from Tom Swamp Road in Athol. 

Event Operations Hours:
Individual Operations: click on links below
Sporting Clays
Rifle/Pistol Ranges

Ranges: The 50 yard and 100 yard ranges are open to members most of the time except
during the hours Sporting Clays are being shot, special events are underway or
maintenance is ongoing.
PLEASE NOTE: No discharge of firearms permitted before 9:00am (Monday
through Saturday) or 10:00am on Sundays.