Sporting Clays

Our sporting clays course currently consisting of eleven to fourteen shooting stations (varies depending on conditions) is laid out through the nicely wooded club grounds. All trails on the course are accessible on foot, by golf cart or ATV, (weather permitting) so feel free to bring your preferred mode of transport. Each of twelve shooting stations operate  automatic target traps, with one to three additional stations running manual traps. Our course generally operates two days each week, we invite and encourage public participation and accommodate shooters of all ages and skill levels. The course atmosphere is casual and friendly, the course itself is changed frequently, so you will never be bored.

Sporting Clays are available on Sunday mornings starting at 10 am and on Wednesdays at 12:00 noon. On Sunday mornings shooters may elect to shoot either 50 or 100 clay targets  at the cost of $20.00 or $30 respectively (nonmembers add $5). On Wednesdays we offer 50 clay targets at $20.00.  Junior shooters age 16 or younger are welcome and should be accompanied by an adult, cost for junior shooter is $10.00 per 50 targets.

Please check this page frequently for updates.  I will be posting  sporting clays event information, current course conditions and anticipated course closures. If you have questions regarding PGC Sporting Clays, please direct your inquiry to                                I will respond as soon as possible.

Date:                  Course:  Open/Closed                          Expected Course Conditions:

6/24/2018                 PENDING                                                   All Good                                                                                                                                           


   NSCA Sporting Clays Registered Shoot 7/29/2018.                                                                         Summer Swelter Shoot                                                                                              You can see or download the flyer here:  Summer Swelter


Results for the A.F.D.O. Registered Shoot of May 20/2018, may be viewed on the         Event Score Postings page

Be aware that due to increases in target prices and maintenance cost there will be an increase in charges for shooting sporting clays.  The new rates are shown below and will be become effective on June 3 of 2018.                                                                                                              50 targets members $20 nonmembers $25                                                                      100 targets members $30 nonmembers $35                                                                         Juniors stay at $10 per 50 targets      


 Any club member that is interested in participating in the operation and  improvement of the PGC sporting clays endeavor is highly encouraged to do so. Volunteer a little time to help support our clays course or get on the clays committee. A big commitment isn’t required, any help is greatly appreciated so please talk to Brent at the club if you can pitch in.